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Adventure World, Shirahama, Japan December 9, 2000


Baboon, Bear, Birds, and Bison

The Baboon was curious about us, the Bear wanted food from the keeper in another vehicle, some unusual tropical birds, and a North American Bison.

Baboon-1.jpg (53K) Bear-1.jpg (27K) Bear-2.jpg (37K) Birds-1s.jpg (36K) Bison-1.jpg (27K)

Camel, Cheetah, Goats, and Macaws

Camel ignoring us, a Cheetah basking in the sun, goats going for the food, and bright Macaws.

Camel-1.jpg (33K) Cheetah-1s.jpg (27K) Goats-2.jpg (50K) Macaw-1.jpg (26K) Macaw-2.jpg (21K)

A Pride of Lions

Lions relaxing and roaring at each other.

Lion-1.jpg (24K) Lion-2.jpg (45K) Lion-3.jpg (49K) Lion-4.jpg (51K) Lion-5.jpg (30K)

Lion-6.jpg (38K) Lion-7.jpg (46K)

Orca - Killer Whale

Marine show featuring an Orca.

Orca-1s.jpg (34K) Orca-2.jpg (35K) Orca-3.jpg (28K) Orca-4s.jpg (34K) Orca-5.jpg (30K)

Orca-6.jpg (30K)

Ostrich, Pelican, Rhino, Water Buffalo, and Zebra

Ostrich-1.jpg (49K) Pelican-1.jpg (28K) Rhino-1.jpg (33K) Rhino-2.jpg (33K) WaterBuffalo-1.jpg (33K) Zebra-2.jpg (67K)

Giant Panda

Panda was outdoors walking around its area and soaking in the pool.

Panda-1.jpg (15K) Panda-2.jpg (15K) Panda-3.jpg (28K) Panda-4.jpg (46K) Panda-5.jpg (31K)

Photos taken by my good friend Yutaka

Good examples of Orca, Panda, and Tiger.

Orcar.jpg (34K) Pandar.jpg (44K) Tigerr.jpg (56K)

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