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Fuji Safari Park, Vicinity of Mt. Fujiyama, Japan August 2001


After visiting the Air Park Musuem at Lake Kawaguchi, my friends and I visited the Fuji Safari Park. It was quite late in the day, but we decided to see what we could anyway. The lighting conditions were not the best; however, we were able to get quite close to some of the animals.

African Elephant & African Stork

The lighting was terrible to photograph the elephants. The sun was directly behind them and low in the sky. However, I have never been able to photograph an African Stork before, and this specimen was amazing tame.

FujiPark/AfricanElephant-1.jpg (39K) FujiPark/AfricanStork-1.jpg (35K)

North American Bighorn Sheep

A really nice Bighorn Sheep male. Again, the sun was behind him, but I tried.

FujiPark/BigHorn-1.jpg (39K)

Brown/Black/Kodiak Bear

The Park had 3 kinds of bears; all were active, except the large Kodiak Bear.

FujiPark/BlackBear-1.jpg (40K) FujiPark/BlackBear-2.jpg (36K) FujiPark/BlackBear-3.jpg (21K)

FujiPark/BrownBear-1.jpg (32K) FujiPark/BrownBear-2.jpg (22K) FujiPark/BrownBear-3.jpg (24K) FujiPark/BrownBear-4.jpg (19K)

FujiPark/KodiakBear-2.jpg (53K)


The Camel was just resting beside the road.

FujiPark/Camel-1.jpg (22K)

North American Elk

I was surprised to see these large ungulates here in Japan. They are so much larger than the Japanese deer. They stood about 2 feet (0.6 meter) taller. The big male was just losing the velvet from his beautiful horns.

FujiPark/Elk-1.jpg (34K) FujiPark/Elk-2.jpg (40K)


The everpresent flamingos were doing their usual behavior - mostly nothing.

FujiPark/Flamingo-1.jpg (44K) FujiPark/Flamingo-2.jpg (27K)

African Giraffe & Goat

The giraffe was shy and wouldn't turn its head. The goat was quite a tree climber. I don't think I have ever seen that before.

FujiPark/Giraffe-1.jpg (38K) FujiPark/GoatInTree-1.jpg (72K)

African Lion

The Park has a lot of lions and they are sitting everywhere.

FujiPark/Lion-1.jpg (39K) FujiPark/Lion-2.jpg (32K) FujiPark/Lion-3.jpg (39K) FujiPark/Lion-4.jpg (30K) FujiPark/Lion-5.jpg (37K)

FujiPark/Lion-6.jpg (35K) FujiPark/Lion-7.jpg (35K) FujiPark/Lion-8.jpg (36K) FujiPark/Lion-9.jpg (60K) FujiPark/Lion-10.jpg (38K)

FujiPark/Lion-11.jpg (30K) FujiPark/Lion-12.jpg (42K) FujiPark/Lion-14.jpg (41K) FujiPark/Lion-15.jpg (45K) FujiPark/Lion-16.jpg (47K)

FujiPark/Lion-17.jpg (50K)

African Ostrich & PeaCock

I happened to get quite close to a male ostrich, but I was careful, because they will peck you. The PeaCocks are all over the Park like they are at most Japanese zoos.

FujiPark/Ostrich-1.jpg (28K) FujiPark/Ostrich-2.jpg (30K)

FujiPark/PeaCock-1.jpg (34K)


The Park has several really nice Rhinos.

FujiPark/Rhino-4.jpg (22K) FujiPark/Rhino-5.jpg (31K) FujiPark/Rhino-1.jpg (37K) FujiPark/Rhino-2.jpg (38K) FujiPark/Rhino-3.jpg (35K)


The Park also has a lot of tigers. Some were active, and as you will see, some were not.

FujiPark/Tiger-1.jpg (43K) FujiPark/Tiger-2.jpg (37K) FujiPark/Tiger-3.jpg (34K) FujiPark/Tiger-4.jpg (44K) FujiPark/Tiger-5.jpg (37K)

FujiPark/Tiger-6.jpg (68K) FujiPark/Tiger-7.jpg (49K) FujiPark/Tiger-8.jpg (65K) FujiPark/Tiger-9.jpg (53K) FujiPark/Tiger-11.jpg (32K)

FujiPark/Tiger-12.jpg (32K) FujiPark/Tiger-13.jpg (40K) FujiPark/Tiger-14.jpg (14K)


These are the milk cows of Tibet.

FujiPark/Yak-1.jpg (45K)


The Zebra stay close together most of the time. It is amazing that these animals cannot be tamed.

FujiPark/Zebra-1.jpg (52K)

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