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Houston, Texas Zoo, March 2001


African Fox

This noctural animal has large ears for hunting.

AfricanFox-1.jpg (28K) AfricanFox-2.jpg (46K)

African Anteater

This is the first zoo that I have seen one of these strange animals.

Anteater-1.jpg (43K)

African Cheetah

The cats were all lazy in the bright sun; therefore, it was not possible to get a good picture of the Cheetah.

Cheetah-1s.jpg (77K)


A couple of nice elephants.

Elephant-1.jpg (40K) Elephant-3s.jpg (27K)


A large alligator was sunning himself, and then decided to move.

Gator-1.jpg (46K) Gator-2.jpg (43K) Gator-3s.jpg (37K)


Unusual positions for a Giraffe, and some nice poses. It is unusual to get such nice pictures of Giraffes because they are usually behind quite ugly fences.

Giraffe-1s.jpg (52K) Giraffe-3s.jpg (27K) Giraffe-4.jpg (56K) Giraffe-5.jpg (49K) Giraffe-6.jpg (50K)

Giraffe-7s.jpg (49K) Giraffe-8s.jpg (39K)

Golden Tamarind

This monkey is VERY active. It was quite difficult to get this picture at all. This critter only stops moving for a split second.

GoldenTamarind-1.jpg (37K)

Miscellaneous Ducks

The duck pond has a large assortment of ducks. These are but a few.

Ducks-1.jpg (50K) Grebe-1.jpg (18K) Grebe-2.jpg (23K) Merganser-1.jpg (23K) RedHead-1.jpg (35K)

Australian Koala

This zoo has a small family of Koalas.

Koala-Male-1s.jpg (22K) Koala-Female-2s.jpg (32K) Koala-Baby-3.jpg (19K)

African Lion

The lions were taking it easy in the hot sun, as well. A pair of females were down by the pond; one of them getting a drink. The male and another female were on the high ground, watching.

Lion-1.jpg (38K) Lion-2.jpg (51K) Lion-3.jpg (49K) Lion-4.jpg (30K) Lion-6.jpg (37K)

Lion-7.jpg (52K) Lion-8.jpg (60K) Lion-9.jpg (34K)

South American Llama

The llama was in the petting zoo, and was enjoying people watching.

Llama-1s.jpg (31K) Llama-2s.jpg (21K)

Hawaiian Goose (Nene)

The Hawaiian geese were just roaming free in the zoo.

Nene-1.jpg (48K) Nene-2.jpg (49K)

Prairie Dogs

The Prairie Dogs were in an interesting exhibit where the people could get REAL close.

PrairieDog-1.jpg (12K) PrairieDog-2.jpg (34K) PrairieDog-3.jpg 72K)

Pygmy Hippopotamus

The Pygmy Hippo is about the size of a German Shepard, but is a LOT heavier.

PygmyHippo-1.jpg (46K)

African Rhino

The Rhinos are always interesting; however, these guys were too friendly. They wanted to be close to all of the people, which I found quite unusual.

Rhino-2s.jpg (48K) Rhino-3.jpg (82K)


Chuck Schultz's nemesis for Wily Coyote.

RoadRunner-1.jpg (34K)

Red Slider Turtle

The alligator pond had a LARGE number of Red Slider Turtles.

Slider-1.jpg (40K) Slider-3s.jpg (86K) Slider-4.jpg (51K) Slider-5s.jpg (53K) Slider-6s.jpg (28K)

Sun Bear

The Sun Bear was just taking it easy.

SunBear-1.jpg (44K)


As with all of the other big cats, the tigers were not very active.

Tiger-1.jpg (28K) Tiger-2.jpg (33K) Tiger-3.jpg (17K) Tiger-4.jpg (45K) Tiger-5.jpg (24K)

Tiger-6.jpg (21K) Tiger-7.jpg (47K) Tiger-8.jpg (55K) Tiger-9.jpg (38K)

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