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The Raptor Center, St. Paul, MN November 17, 2000


The Raptor Center is where a great many injured raptors are re-habilitated for release. For the ones that cannot be returned to the wild (because they can no longer fly, etc.), these beautiful creatures are used for educational purposes.

Bald Eagle

The most well known raptor here is the bald eagle. This bird winters along the Mississippi River and nests just south of St. Paul. The Raptor Center has been key in this bird's comeback. Note the juvenile that does not have its white head yet. That comes after 5 years.

RaptorCenter/BaldEagle-1.jpg (58K) RaptorCenter/BaldEagle-2.jpg (51K) RaptorCenter/BaldEagle-3.jpg (44K) RaptorCenter/BaldEagle-4.jpg (43K) RaptorCenter/BaldEagle-5.jpg (52K)

Turkey Vulture

Someone has to clean up after those sloppy eaters.

RaptorCenter/TurkeyVulture-1.jpg (33K)


Great Horned and Barred Owls.

GreatHornedOwl-1.jpg (61K) GreatHornedOwl-2ss.jpg (9K) RaptorCenter/BarredOwl-1.jpg (57K) RaptorCenter/BarredOwl-2.jpg (63K) RaptorCenter/SawWhetOwl-1.jpg (36K)

American Kestrel

This little female is blind, so she was turning her head to hear my shutter click.

RaptorCenter/AmericanKestrel-1ss.jpg (11K) RaptorCenter/AmericanKestrel-2ss.jpg (9K)

Our friend,K., at the Raptor Center.

K-2.jpg (65K)

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