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San Diego Zoo - August 1999

This Zoo is probably one of the best in the world. I had a marvelous time here, but did not get as many good photos as I usually do. Perhaps, I was too impatient. However, the success rate is about normal. Ten rolls of film to get 10 good shots. You definitely need a zoom lens at this zoo, because some of the critters are a long ways away and some are quite close. My lens of choice is usually 70-200 mm.


Indian Elephant

Elephant-1.jpg.jpg (30K) Elephant-2.jpg.jpg (33K) Elephant-3.jpg.jpg (29K) Elephant-4.jpg.jpg (28K)
 Right Front (30K)      Face (33K)     Playing w/ Tire (29K)    Front (28K)    


Giraffe-1.jpg.jpg (25K)
Head - Left Side (25K)


Gorilla-1.jpg.jpg (52K) Gorilla-2.jpg.jpg (48K)
Family (52K)                      Couple (48K)


Koala-1.jpg.jpg (41K) Koala-2.jpg.jpg (10K)
       Sleeping (41K)    Another Sleeping (10K)

Polar Bear

PolarBear-1.jpg.jpg (10K) PolarBear-2.jpg.jpg (22K)
Lifting Ball (10K)     Drowning Ball (22K)    


Rhino-1.jpg.jpg (44K) Rhino-2.jpg.jpg (30K)
  Left Side (44K)           Left Head (30K)


WartHog-1.jpg.jpg (53K)
Right Side (53K)

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