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Tama, Japan Zoo May 2001


This is my first visit to the Tama Zoo and I found it to be, I think, one of the best zoos in the entire world. I was able to get some pictures that are usually quite difficult to obtain. The Zoo is about 1.5 hours west of Tokyo by train.

African Elephant

The zoo has several African Elephants, but one male in particular was especially a really beautiful one.

AfricanElephant-1.jpg (47K) AfricanElephant-2.jpg (37K) AfricanElephant-3.jpg (52K) AfricanElephant-4.jpg (39K) AfricanElephant-5.jpg (35K)

AfricanElephant-6.jpg (31K) AfricanElephant-7.jpg (72K) AfricanElephant-8.jpg (42K) AfricanElephant-9.jpg (53K) AfricanElephant-10.jpg (50K)

AfricanElephant-11.jpg (36K)


I have NEVER been able to take a decent picture of this animal before. They always hide during the daytime.

Cheetah-1.jpg (35K) Cheetah-2.jpg (29K) Cheetah-3.jpg (39K) Cheetah-4.jpg (32K) Cheetah-5.jpg (39K)

Cheetah-6.jpg (12K) Cheetah-7.jpg (11K) Cheetah-8.jpg (19K) Cheetah-9.jpg (40K) Cheetah-10.jpg (38K)

Cheetah-11.jpg (46K)

Sulpher-Crested Cockatoo

The Zoo had the parrots and this beautiful bird out of their cages on this day.

Cockatoo-1.jpg (16K)


These pretty birds had some babies still in their down.

/Flamingos-1.jpg (23K) /Flamingos-2.jpg (37K)


This zoo has the Giraffes in with the ostriches and other birds.

Giraffe-1.jpg (45K) Giraffe-2.jpg (36K)

Goose & Guinea Fowl

Two miscellaneous birds.

Goose-1.jpg (44K) GuineaFowl-1.jpg (13K)

Japanese Brown Bear

This zoo also has a fine Japanese Brown Bear.

JBrownBear-1.jpg (38K) JBrownBear-2.jpg (32K) JBrownBear-3.jpg (37K)

Japanese Deer

The Japanese Deer is much smaller than North American deer.

JDeer-1.jpg (33K)

Japanese Eagle

This zoo has a fine Japanese Eagle as well as most of the North American Raptors.

JEagle-1.jpg (33K) JEagle-2.jpg (33K)


The Koala have a beautiful indoor atrium, but it is a little dark for pictures.

Koala-1.jpg (32K) Koala-2.jpg (30K) Koala-3.jpg (23K) Koala-4.jpg (24K) Koala-5.jpg (29K) Koala-6.jpg (27K)

African Lion

The African Lions had a perch to sit on while the Zoo bus drives right by them.

Lions-1.jpg (34K) Lions-2.jpg (37K)


The Macaques have their usual mountain, but spend most of their time grooming.

Macaque-1.jpg (21K) Macaque-2.jpg (44K)


The Macaws were outside with the Cockatoo.

Macaw-1.jpg (18K) Macaw-2.jpg (20K) Macaw-3.jpg (30K)


A female Orangutan wanted to come listen to me while another tended to her baby.

Orang-1.jpg (41K) Orang-2.jpg (35K) OrangWBaby-3.jpg (27K)


A fine pair of ostrich.

Ostrich-1.jpg (42K) Ostrich-2.jpg (38K)

Red Panda

This zoo has a beautiful exhibit for Red Pandas. You are quite close to them, just like New Zealand. AND, there are 3 of them running around. I have never seen more than one.

RedPanda-1.jpg (13K) RedPanda-2.jpg (62K) RedPanda-3.jpg (27K) RedPanda-4.jpg (43K) RedPanda-5.jpg (44K)

RedPanda-6.jpg (56K) RedPanda-7.jpg (52K) RedPanda-8.jpg (38K) RedPanda-9.jpg (40K) RedPanda-10.jpg (35K)

RedPanda-11.jpg (556K) RedPanda-12.jpg (48K) RedPanda-13.jpg (31K) RedPanda-14.jpg (32K) RedPanda-15.jpg (45K)

RedPanda-16.jpg (45K)

Ring-Tailed Lemur

A beautiful Lemur from Madagascar.

RingTailLemur-1.jpg (15K) RingTailLemur-2.jpg (17K)

Snow Leopard

The Minnesota Zoo has Snow Leopards, but I have never seen them in an Asian Zoo. Their coats are supposed to be white, but the red clay in the dirt has discolored their coats.

SnowLeopard-1.jpg (13K) SnowLeopard-2.jpg (62K) SnowLeopard-3.jpg (27K) SnowLeopard-4.jpg (43K) SnowLeopard-5.jpg (44K)

SnowLeopard-6.jpg (48K) SnowLeopard-7.jpg (34K) SnowLeopard-8.jpg (64K)

Sun Bear

The Sun Bear was pacing, trying to beat the heat.

SunBear-1.jpg (43K) SunBear-2.jpg (34K) SunBear-3.jpg (42K)


The Tiger was very upset. He did NOT want to be outside; it was very hot in the sun. He was chuffing and howling from time to time.

Tiger-1.jpg (69K) Tiger-2.jpg (59K) Tiger-3.jpg (58K) Tiger-4.jpg (57K) Tiger-5.jpg (72K)

Tiger-6.jpg (83K) Tiger-7.jpg (57K) Tiger-8.jpg (60K) Tiger-9.jpg (42K) Tiger-10.jpg (44K)

Tiger-11.jpg (80K) Tiger-12.jpg (54K) Tiger-13.jpg (65K)


Some type of wild cat - forgot to get exact name - Its name is a Serval, thanks to Ms. Grimshaw.

WildCat-1.jpg (41K)

Ibix & Zebra

An unusual antelope in with the Zebras.

Ibix-Zebra-1.jpg (49K) Zebra-1.jpg (41K)

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