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Tama, Japan Zoo June 2001


I had to return to Tama Zoo on my first opportunity to get more pictures of the fabulous big cats. I wanted to also get more pictures of the African Elephants, but I ran short of time after spending 7 hours chasing big cats. As you will see, my results were pretty good.


Today, I was able to get very good shots of Cheetah through the glass cage. The Zoo had the Cheetahs inside today because of the extreme heat. It was REALLY hot this day.

Cheetah-1.jpg (42K) Cheetah-2.jpg (27K) Cheetah-3.jpg (29K) Cheetah-5.jpg (28K) Cheetah-9.jpg (55K)

Cheetah-10.jpg (37K) Cheetah-11.jpg (20K) Cheetah-13.jpg (32K) Cheetah-14.jpg (16K)


One of the Koala was moving today, which is quite unusual, since these animals are nocturnal.

Koala-4.jpg (30K) Koala-5.jpg (43K) Koala-6.jpg (23K) Koala-7.jpg (26K) Koala-8.jpg (27K) Koala-9.jpg (33K)

Koala-10.jpg (38K)


The Orangutans had been fed by putting something inside the "hive" so they had to use a tool to obtain their food. They would push in the stick and then pull it out and get the food off the end. The baby was even trying to get into the act.

Orang-1.jpg (65K) Orang-2.jpg (63K) OrangWBaby-3.jpg (58K)

Pea Cock

A fine Pea Cock sitting on a roof. These birds are quite numerous in the Park and run free.

PeaCock-1.jpg (21K)

Red Panda

Not only does this zoo have 3 Red Pandas, it ACTUALLY HAS 5!! The Red Pandas were just fed some bamboo - Yes, they eat bamboo just like the big black and white pandas. As you can see from one photo, the Red Panda can easily climb trees.

RedPanda-1.jpg (40K) RedPanda-2.jpg (52K) RedPanda-3.jpg (48K) RedPanda-4.jpg (78K) RedPanda-5.jpg (46K)

RedPanda-6.jpg (38K) RedPanda-7.jpg (42K) RedPanda-9.jpg (52K) RedPanda-11.jpg (51K) RedPanda-13.jpg (58K)

RedPanda-15.jpg (42K) RedPanda-19.jpg (35K)

African Black Rhino

The Black Rhino was out, but it is too bad that his horn is gone. It has been removed so that no one will kill him for it.

Rhino-1.jpg (42K) Rhino-2.jpg (40K) Rhino-3.jpg (31K)

Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopards were really out today. Mom had her son in the glassed in area, while 3 others were in the caged area. I got the young male to come over to the window and lie down. By judiciously leaving at the right time and not letting anyone overstay his/her welcome, the young male stayed for about an hour. These are particularly beautiful animals. The young male was also chasing Mom's tail as can be seen in the first 2 photographs.

SnowLeopard-1.jpg (61K) SnowLeopard-1.jpg (39K) SnowLeopard-3.jpg (27K) SnowLeopard-4.jpg (32K) SnowLeopard-5.jpg (32K)

SnowLeopard-6.jpg (36K) SnowLeopard-7.jpg (23K) SnowLeopard-8.jpg (64K) SnowLeopard-9.jpg (56K) SnowLeopard-10.jpg (48K)

SnowLeopard-12.jpg (51K) SnowLeopard-13.jpg (47K) SnowLeopard-14.jpg (39K) SnowLeopard-17.jpg (39K) SnowLeopard-19.jpg (42K)

SnowLeopard-20.jpg (48K) SnowLeopard-21.jpg (60K) SnowLeopard-22.jpg (60K) SnowLeopard-24.jpg (26K) SnowLeopard-25.jpg (66K)

SnowLeopard-26.jpg (31K) SnowLeopard-27.jpg (26K) SnowLeopard-29.jpg (35K) SnowLeopard-30.jpg (28K) SnowLeopard-31.jpg (29K)

SnowLeopard-32.jpg (36K) SnowLeopard-36.jpg (43K) SnowLeopard-38.jpg (49K) SnowLeopard-39.jpg (38K)

Snowy Owl

We have Snowy Owls in Minnesota; they are quite pretty birds.

SnowyOwl-1.jpg (17K)

Sun Bear

The Sun Bears were out despite the heat.

SunBear-1.jpg (25K) SunBear-2.jpg (28K) SunBear-3.jpg (43K)


The Tiger was outside; it was very hot in the sun.

Tiger-2.jpg (13K) Tiger-3.jpg (26K) Tiger-5.jpg (12K) Tiger-6.jpg (62K)

Water Buffalo

This guy really knows how to beat the heat.

WaterBuffalo-1.jpg (43K)

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