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Tama, Japan Zoo June 2002


This is the result of 2 more trips to Tama Zoo. I was really after better pictures of the Red Pandas. They are so hard to shoot, because of their coloring.


I got some good pictures through the glass again as well as outdoors.

Cheetah3-1.jpg (45K) Cheetah3-5.jpg (52K) Cheetah3-6.jpg (31K) Cheetah3-7.jpg (50K) Cheetah3-8.jpg (34K) Tama-Cheetah-41.jpg (51K)


The Orangutans had been fed again by putting honey in the "hive". Also, the baby was moving around more today.

Tama-Orang-41.jpg (64K) Tama-Orang-42s.jpg (33K)

Red Panda

The Red Pandas were out again and moving around like crazy. It is REALLY hard to get a good picture because of the black coloring on their front legs and chest. Mom and Dad were locked up inside for some reason today.

Tama-RedPanda-401.jpg (62K) Tama-RedPanda-402.jpg (86K) Tama-RedPanda-403.jpg (99K) Tama-RedPanda-404.jpg (82K) Tama-RedPanda-405.jpg (62K)

Tama-RedPanda-406s.jpg (60K) Tama-RedPanda-407s.jpg (42K) Tama-RedPanda-408s.jpg (67K) Tama-RedPanda-409.jpg (50K) Tama-RedPanda-410s.jpg (54K)

Tama-RedPanda-411s.jpg (57K) Tama-RedPanda-412s.jpg (54K) Tama-RedPanda-413.jpg (60K) Tama-RedPanda-414.jpg (42K) Tama-RedPanda-415.jpg (65K)

Tama-RedPanda-416.jpg (116K) Tama-RedPanda-417.jpg (101K) Tama-RedPanda-418.jpg (103K) Tama-RedPanda-419.jpg (20K) Tama-RedPanda-420.jpg (32K)

Japanese Brown Bear

The Brown Bear was out looking for a handout.

JBrown3-1.jpg (36K)

Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard Mom was hiding today. All I could get is her bored yawn and her pretty tail. Her son was sent to another zoo so he is not here anymore. There are 2 others, though, that were outside, but not in a good photographic area.

Tama-SnowLeopard-41s.jpg (22K) Tama-SnowLeopard-43s.jpg (58K)


A good looking Macaw sitting on a post.

Macaw3-1.jpg (22K)


The elephant pair were playing and a couple of other males were jousting for social position.

Tama-Elephant-41s.jpg (87K) Tama-Elephant-42.jpg (60K) Tama-Elephant-43.jpg (39K) Tama-Elephant-44.jpg (39K) Tama-Elephant-45.jpg (64K) Tama-Elephant-46.jpg (73K)


A Male Lion was having some fun hauling a tree branch into the road in front of the bus. He then carried it off to chew on by himself. He was definitely delaying the bus at first. They are smarter than anyone thinks.

Tama-Lion-41.jpg (79K) Tama-Lion-42.jpg (79K) Tama-Lion-43s.jpg (63K) Tama-Lion-44.jpg (41K) Tama-Lion-45s.jpg (61K)


The Tiger was outside; again, he was pretty unhappy in the sun.

Tama-Tiger-41.jpg (48K) Tama-Tiger-42.jpg (48K) Tama-Tiger-43.jpg (48K)

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