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Ueno, Tokyo Zoo May 2001


This visit to the Ueno Zoo will be quite memorable for me. I was able to get some pictures that are probably once in a lifetime event.


There was a male sitting with his back to the people, but most surprising was the female eating RIGHT next to the window.

Gorilla-1.jpg (25K) Gorilla-2.jpg (27K) Gorilla-3.jpg (34K) Gorilla-4.jpg (18K) Gorilla-5.jpg (29K)

Gorilla-6.jpg (14K)

Indian Elephant

A pair of female elephants were in the main yard. One approached me for some reason, then I realized that she was just trying to get some grass on my side of the fence. Also, the baby elephant in the next yard was showing its intelligence by using a tool (a branch) to scratch itself.

IndianElephant-1.jpg (50K) IndianElephant-2.jpg (47K) IndianElephant-3.jpg (26K) IndianElephant-4.jpg (29K) IndianElephant-5.jpg (39K)

IndianElephant-6.jpg (24K) IndianElephant-7.jpg (32K) IndianElephant-8.jpg (39K) IndianElephant-9.jpg (34K)

Japanese Brown Bear

Finally, I was at the zoo when the Japanese Brown Bear was active.

JBrownBear-1.jpg (29K) JBrownBear-2.jpg (37K) JBrownBear-3.jpg (35K) JBrownBear-4.jpg (39K) JBrownBear-5.jpg (34K)

JBrownBear-6.jpg (29K)


I couldn't see the pandas very well; they were hiding in the outdoor venue.

PandaSleeping-1.jpg (12K)


The Emporer and Adelaide Penguins were swimming on this hot afternoon.

/Penguin-1.jpg (26K) /Penguin-2.jpg (20K) /Penguin-3.jpg (16K) /Penguin-4.jpg (23K)

Polar Bear

The polar bears were doing their usual - nothing much; however, I did catch one panting.

PolarBear-1.jpg (28K) PolarBear-2.jpg (40K) PolarBear-3.jpg (56K) PolarBear-4.jpg (56K)

Red Panda

I got lucky. This little guy was outside and showing himself for once. These animals are HARD to photograph. This one is a LONG ways away.

RedPanda-1.jpg (14K) RedPanda-2.jpg (16K) RedPanda-3.jpg (31K)


The seals were very active again; therefore, it is hard to get good photographs.

Seal-1.jpg (33K) Seal-2.jpg (16K) Seal-3.jpg (43K)


Even small birds will eat meat if given the chance. This sparrow is risking all by picking on a Tiger's lunch.

Sparrow-1.jpg (42K)

Sun Bear

The Sun Bear was people watching.

SunBear-1.jpg (18K)


I was very fortunate to be at the zoo today when a Tiger decided to be extraordinarly friendly. There were several Tigers just being themselves today; however, one male decided he wanted to lay in the shade RIGHT NEXT to the window. He was NOT happy about the people taking flash pictures; the Tiger persuaded them to stop by bashing his paws on the window and growling at them. Then, I got the children to slowly come to the window. The Tiger actually seemed to like the fact that I was talking to him - he probably didn't know what I was saying, so that interested him. The Tiger would allow NO OTHER adults to approach the window. I sat there and shot about 5 rolls of film before I ran out. All the while the kids were making noise, banging on the window, but the Tiger did not seem to care. He, then finally got up and turned away after about 10-15 minutes. I have included ALL of the pictures that turned out at all, even though some of them obviously are not of the best quality and some show the reflections of the children...BUT, the opportunity was INCREDIBLE; therfore, I could not hesitate to take advantage. Even his paws are HUGE at this close distance.

TigerFront-1.jpg (63K) TigerFront-2.jpg (45K) TigerFront-3.jpg (50K) TigerFront-4.jpg (66K) TigerHead-1.jpg (36K)

TigerHead-2.jpg (52K) TigerHead-3.jpg (47K) TigerHead-4.jpg (27K) TigerHead-5.jpg (56K) TigerHead-6.jpg (58K)

TigerHead-7.jpg (46K) TigerHead-8.jpg (42K) TigerHead-9.jpg (70K) TigerHead-10.jpg (25K) TigerHead-11.jpg (88K)

TigerHead-12.jpg (30K) TigerHead-13.jpg (37K) TigerHead-14.jpg (34K) TigerHead-15.jpg (40K) TigerHead-16.jpg (21K)

TigerHead-17.jpg (33K) TigerHead-18.jpg (29K) TigerHead-19.jpg (31K) TigerHead-20.jpg (58K) TigerHiding-1.jpg (30K)

TigerPaw-1.jpg (47K) TigerPaw-2.jpg (34K) TigerPaw-3.jpg (37K) TigerPaw-4.jpg (51K) TigerSide-1.jpg (56K)

TigerSide-2.jpg (56K) TigerSide-3.jpg (56K) TigerSide-4.jpg (56K)

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