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Wildlife Science Center, Forest Lake, MN November 18, 2000


Grey Wolf

The second trip found this group of Greys relaxing or playing with Halloween leftovers.

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GreyWolf-9.jpg (9K)

Red Wolf

The red wolves checking us out again.

ISeeYou-Red-1.jpg (40K) RedWolf-4.jpg (46K) RedWolf-5.jpg (54K) RedWolf-6.jpg (51K) RedWolf-7.jpg (64K) RedWolf-8.jpg (24K)


Really, really gorgeous Red-Tail Hawk having lunch. The mouse did NOT last very long.

RedTail-1.jpg (39K) RedTail-2.jpg (38K) RedTail-3.jpg (40K) RedTail-4.jpg (43K) RedTail-5.jpg (29K)

RedTail-6.jpg (36K) RedTail-7.jpg (42K) RedTail-8.jpg (36K) RedTail-9.jpg (58K) RedTail-10.jpg (39K)

Our friend,K., seems happy to have been there.

K-1.jpg (35K)

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